Global Trade and Industrial Solutions is a leading management, trade and industrial solutions provider, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, Industrialist, businessmen go global. Our mission is clear to make going global easy, by giving you the necessary tools, resources, knowledge and experience over 30 years in Govt. and private sectors, understand complexities and best solutions, to meet your requirements for global trade and industrial spectrum.

We are certain that these initiatives will provide requisite impetus to Global Trade & Industrial Sectors in India and globe. Activities in Nutshell are;
I. To conduct several sessions, seminars for bringing-in awareness regarding opportunities of 21st century.

II. Business promotion in trade, industrial, technology, real estate, environment, water, mines, health, logistics and social sectors, through Networking, Induction and promotion of financial, technological, logistics and managerial inputs, covering global trade, industries new/start-ups, environment and development & revival of sick real estate, industries, mines, social sectors etc.

III. Financial arrangements for;
     a. New Ventures.
     b. Startups.
     c. Revival sick trade and Industries.
     d. Operation of trade and Industry.
     e. Revival of real estate.
     f. Real estate development.
     g. Medical appliances.
IV. Health care promotion, development and implementation including development of medical appliances, systems for global, urban, rural and under privileged sectors.
V. Development of valuable support systems, with trade, industry, legal, logistic, environment, real estate and social sectors.

Why Choose Us

  • Deep & intense experienced team which brings analytical rigor, insight and depth of knowledge to every engagement to deliver the highest quality result.
  • Delivery Capabilities.
  • Well networked in the financial India & across Globe.
  • Innovative, Efficient & Client centric approach.
  • Teams up with clients and its team. Performance Driven